Get the Social Edge at IBM Edge: IBM Plans to Make Social Sharing a Key Part of IBM Edge



Social Media is going to play a key role next week in the activities at the IBM Edge2012 conference.  In addition to interacting in real time at the conference, IBM is encouraging attendees to interact socially via social media and to share their conference experiences.  Following is a list of all the social activities at the conference.  These are activities you’ll want to participate in to win prizes, and to enhance your social IQ. Bookmark this blog post, and then refer to it through the conference to get the Social Edge!

Social Media Sessions & Activities:

If you’re looking to learn about Social Media, look for these conference sessions:

Monday, June 4th

Social Media Basics, look for this session in the Theater in the Solutions Center, Monday, June 4th at 3:00 pm.

Tues, June 5th:

Using Social Media for IBM System Storage – Birds of a Feather session, Tuesday, June 5th, 4: 15 pm EST

Tony Pearson will be moderating this  Birds of a Feather, or BOF, session that will bring together a Q&A panel of experts on how social media can be leveraged to help you do your job, get the information you need to solve problems, and share your knowledge with others.  The panel for this session includes blogger @JonToigo and IBM’s Mary Hall, Digital Marketing Programs

Social Edge at IBM Edge in the show foyer, open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

  • Sharpen your social media skills
  • Join the Storage Community
  • Join the Twitter conversations, follow @IBMSTG, @IBMSTORAGE & @IBMEdge on Twitter, use Hashtag #IBMEdge
  • Enjoy refreshments & enter to win prizes!
  • Check in on Foursquare from your phone for a special surprise, when you check in to IBM Edge 2012  

Share your photos on Instagram and receive a Starbucks card

It’s easy to use Instagram, and enjoy some Starbucks coffee too!  Here’s what you need to do.

1) Download Instagram as an app on your mobile phone (Android, iPhone or iPad) and set-up your account

2) Share your #IBMEdge photos with us on Instagram to receive a Starbucks coffee card!

3) Simply share your picture via Twitter with the #IBMEdge hashtag, like this:

a. I’m at #IBMEdge enjoying this XXX (pick the place to describe your picture: session, tech lab, event: @GracePotter / #Foreigner, dinner, etc)

b. Then share your picture on Instagram via your Twitter account, and bring it to the Social Media Lounge, for your coffee card.  Look for the Social Edge signs to find the lounge. Note, you must use the #IBMEdge hashtag to be eligible.


Share  your #IBMEdge experience on Twitter receive a Starbucks card

Send us a Tweet us @IBMEdge and tell us how you’re enjoying the conference with the hashtag #IBMEdge. Show us your Tweet on your mobile phone in the Social Edge lounge and receive a Starbucks card.


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