IBM Edge2012: Day 2 : Executive Edge Concludes, Technical Edge Continues


 Pictured: A full house at the sold out IBM Edge conference, IBM VP Systems &Technology, NA Deon Newman is onstage.

Day 2 of IBM Edge  featured a full morning of sessions at Executive Edge  focused on the future of Storage, Systems and Analytics.  Some of the highlights of the sessions were:

Dr. Jai Menon, IBM Fellow, CTO and VP, Technical Strategy, described how IBM continues its research investment in storage systems to address new workloads while vastly improving the economics associated with the exploding volumes of data in most organizations.  Of particular note is IBM’s ground-breaking scientific exploration into atomic level data storage.

Diane Bryant, Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, Intel, took the stage next to discuss Intel’s views of the challenges of current and future data centers and how Intel and IBM are partnering on Smarter Storage solutions that address these challenges.

Jeff Jonas Onstage @Pinar Ozger

IBM Superstar , Researcher and Fellow repeated his session on Fantasy Analytics and Big Data after the morning break.  Jonas was undoubtedly one of the conference’s most popular speakers, entertaining the crowd with stories about his experiments with Big Data.  His session and entertaining slides were also a hot topic via Social Media as many attendees tweeted notes on his session using the hashtag #IBMEdge and .

Enthusiastic Twitter comments about Jonas included:

“Enterprise Amnesia” discussion by Jeff Jonas is fascinating AND funny!

Jeff Jonas. An IT rock star! “The data must find the data…. And the relevance must find the user.” Other Tuesday morning topics included the future of Systems, presented by Jason McGee, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect IBM PureSystems; the future of Analytics, presented by Jeff Jonas, IBM Fellow, Chief Scientist, Analytics and the future applications of IBM Watson, presented by David McQueeney, VP Software Strategic Initiatives.

Tuesday afternoon brought both industry and technology breakout sessions to Executive Edge.  The industry sessions, hosted by IBM Industry CTOs, covered the role of Storage across several industries/sectors, including Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Industrial,  and Telecommunications.  The technology breakout sessions covered a variety of topics ranging from an Intel Roadmap and Deep Dive to Storage V7000 to Storage Economics and Financing 101.

Check the IBM Edge Livestream Channel for replays of Tuesday’s sessions.

After two full days focused on how companies can transform their storage infrastructures to conquer big data challenges and achieve desired business outcomes, Executive Edge has now come to a close.  Technical Edge continues for the rest of the week with sessions on hot topics like Virtualization, Optimization, Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery and Planning and more.  Check the complete agenda here.

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