Flash Storage Innovation: A Hot Topic at IBM Edge 2013

Doubling Down on Storage pic

A scene from the “Doubling Down on Storage” IBM Edge preview video

In order to help attendees get a taste for some of the hot topics on the IBM Edge Agenda, IBM has a made a series of videos available on their IBM Edge YouTube channel to give viewers a preview of the conference. The video series features IBM Experts and executives having a series of roundtable conversations about things IBM Customers are particularly interested in.  How to store more data, without spending more is on most customers’ agendas.

Flash Storage is a hot topic with a bullet.  This technology offers cost savings and increased employee productivity. Flash storage is really changing the way customers are deploying infrastructure. It is simultaneously being deployed on every layer. It’s in servers, networks and storage, and it’s all about how do you coordinate that using software from a management cross-domain and really driving a huge benefits.

Watch this video “Doubling Down on Storage” by clicking on the picture link above to learn more.

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