Open Storage At IBM from Storage Bytes by Thomas Coughlin


Tom Coughlin

Storage Bytes Author: Tom Coughlin

While at the IBM  Edge Conference in Las Vegas I had a chance to listen to conference sessions and ask IBM executives about their approaches for open storage and computing.  IBM Announced over 65 new and refreshed products at this event.  These included Smarter Storage and flash memory products. PureSystems is the IBM name for their open computing products and they indicated a growing market with 4,000 systems shipped to over 90 countries and 3,900+ PureSystems trials requests through the cloud. IBM said that computing resources that are Designed for Data, Software Defined Environments and Open and Collaborative products are important principals that need to be part of today’s smart infrastructure.   These systems should be designed for data, allowing analysis and extraction of data near real time and thus provide an always-on experience to customers.  Design from silicon up is needed to provide this always-on experience.  Read more on the Storage Bytes blog on Forbes.

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