Edge 2013 Day 0 – Rainy days and sunshine

I woke this morning at home just outside Dallas, Texas to a surprise rain storm and remarkably cool weather. A plane ride later I was in Las Vegas, Nevada where the sun was shining and the temperature topped out at 108 degrees farenheit (almost 40 degrees higher than what I woke to).

At Day 0 of the IBM Edge 2013 conference, the temperature wasn’t the only thing that was hot. I spent the afternoon with 900+ of the best partners in storage and the evening at a reception for some of the most influential analysts in the industry. Like me, they are all here to join IBM in a conversation on pushing the Edge of possibility - the conference theme.

IBM-edge Here are my key observations from Day 0

  1. IBM is going to be majoring in three areas of technology during this conference.
    • FlashSystem: You’ll remember back in April IBM announced a $1B investment in Flash. If you missed it, Steve Furrier at SiliconANGLE did a nice job of covering the announcement.   Edge 2013 is going to continue to reveal what’s behind that investment and where it’s are heading.
    • PureSystems: Almost exactly a year before the announcement of a $1B Flash investment, IBM announced PureSystems, the result of a $2B, 4-year investment.
    • Storwize: Software defined environments are strategic and IBM has been maturing this software-defined storage platform for the last decade. It’s now becoming a center for industry innovation.
  2. IBM’s chief economist, Martin Fleming, shared his point of view that the global economy is going through a transformation but macro trends are starting to normalize and recover. He noted that as far back as 1771 with the dawn of the industrial revolution, there have been technological interruptions followed by a frenzy of strongeconomic growth, followed by an economic crash similar to the one we’ve been experiencing. These eras are measured in decades.  His observation is that we are coming through the crash, starting to normalize again, and are positioning for an era of strong growth. Companies like IBM which are built for distance are prepared to thrive.

If you aren’t able to attend Edge in person, the conference organizers have made it possible for you to watch keynote addresses by Livestream at http://www.ibm.com/edge.  If you are here at Edge, join the conversation. Come back to my blog each day this week. I’ll be sharing what I found important but it’s a big conference (Executive Edge, Technical Edge, Winning Edge, MSP Summit, Business Partner Forum) and I can’t cover everything.Leave comments letting me know what your impressions were.



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