Independence Day?

 Independence Day? You may think that 238 years ago, your ancestors sent my ancestors packing. On the 4th, I like to remind folks I’m Irish.  All this independent spirit inspired MeriTalk to question the tyranny of yesterday’s IT in D.C. Well, Yankee Doodle, stick a feather in your cap and check out our newest study

Hat Trick, Heaven or Hell?

Hat Trick, Heaven or Hell? Is it me, or is it slow in Fed IT? Maybe it’s because everybody’s watching the World Cup? Worldwide viewership is four times that for the Olympics – and global productivity will drop four percent this month. A hat trick of humor – and perhaps a tear in my saucer this week.

Hero or Zero?

Hero or Zero? Fed IT’s a jungle. Healthcare dot bombs. Super spies and insider imbeciles. To say nothing of hacker hijackers, big data booby traps, data center delinquents, and box huggers. Mild-mannered cube dwellers by day, Uncle Sam’s digital defenders form the thin blue line on the carbon-silicon frontier. Three cheers for the likes of

CDM Roadtest

CDM Roadtest CDM is all about numbers – $6 billion, 17 primes, legions of subcontractors, and one big question. Is the shiny new program making Uncle Sam’s cyber security safer? This’ll be a focal point of the Cyber Security Brainstorm on June 18 at the Newseum. More than 250 Fed cyber security execs have registered – so

Halvorsen Hates Iowa

Halvorsen Hates Iowa But he’s really got it in for data centers, applications, and cost. In a world of posturing and politics, I’d like to take a minute to salute Terry Halvorsen as he steps into Teri’s shoes as DoD IT tzar. With the challenges in DoD computing, Terry may quickly develop a bunion. We


Inappropriate? While the weather’s tip top, the May 7Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Hearing on Federal IT investments would have left Bill Murray with a chill. While the Ghostbuster suffered Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, even he’d be scared by the déjà vu in D.C. For those who follow these things – the hearing sounded and tasted like last

Walter Bigelow – Chief of IT Systems ATF&E – Mountain Man?

Walter Bigelow – Chief of IT Systems ATF&E – Mountain Man? So, you think you know Walter Bigelow at ATF&E?  Former Army, DoD, and NASA, he’s the sober hand in Uncle Sam’s most combustible IT shop.  Well it’s a long way from his new-fangled office in NE Washington, D.C. to the top of Mount Rainier in Washington

Hunk of Burning Love or Hound Dog?

Elvis released “Hound Dog”on June 5, 1956.  OMB picked the same date, 58 years later, for its FedRAMP deadline.  Will it be a hunk or a howler? The FedRAMP rockers – agencies, CSPs, and 3PAOs – who’ve invested millions in FedRAMP certifications, have Suspicious Minds.  They’re All Shook Up over concerns that OMB’s not going

Who’s Your Favorite Beatle?

  J, P, G, or R?  Do You Want to Know a Secret? It’s 50 years since Shea Stadium.  She Was Just 17 – and so’s O’Keeffe & Company,MeriTalk’s sister organization.  They Say It’s Your Birthday.  So, we’re hosting the Fab 4on May 15 at the State Theatre in Falls Church.  You’re invited to Twist and Shoutwith us. Know it’s still a few weeks away, but Tomorrow

Friendly Fire?

Friendly Fire? The National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 requires GAO to provide DoD with an annual IT management physical.  The components need to give blood, cough, and pee in a cup to ensure they’re healthy on IT cost and schedule, as well as on track to deliver functionality and performance.  GAO just released a