You Heard It Here First

You Heard It Here First

Don’t we love our jargon in Fed IT? Here’s three new buzz phrases to energize and confuse you.

Kill Chain – Cyber security speak. Focus on where you stop an attacker. If you have a fence, a front door, and a safe in the wall – you want to stop the intruder as far away from your valuables as possible. If they can’t get over the fence, you’ve stopped them early in the kill chain. That’s the cheapest way to go. And, let’s be honest, kill chain sounds really macho, doesn’t it? Sort of cyber security special forces…

OODA Loop – No it’s not Big Data yodeling. Conceived by military strategist Colonel John Richard BoydObserve, Orient, Decide, Act is a circular methodology for better, faster decision making. Genghis John saw action in Korea and passed in 1997. Seems he was a real Big Data pioneer.

DevOps – As the name suggests, DevOps brings software development and production operations into closer proximity. It stresses agile, rapid prototype and fielding – that means no more three-year, monolithic build cycles. Give me the bad news quickly and let me adjust course in real time.

And, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, this’ll be the biggest Cup of IT ever. Take a gander. Tom Soderstrom, NASA JPL CTO, presented this bubble mapping of 20 minutes in the life of JPL’s intrusion detection logs by attacking nation. Greg Elin, Chief Data Officer at FCC, presented this chart of national Internet service provider performance throughout the day. Seems America likes Facebook for dessert. FiOS rocks. Cablevision, not so much.

Some new tech terms and pictures. Perhaps the title should have read, “You Saw It Here First”…

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