2014, The Year of the Undead, the Year of Tape

  Originally posted on the blog, The Storage Alchemist, by Steve Kenniston I don’t know about you all, but I am really tired of hearing about tape being “dead”.  As the picture shows, folks have been trying to kill off tape since 1984, that’s 30 years ago.  I know for a fact that customers have

Data Protection in the “New World”

Its time I get back to writing about more than just topics that surround what IBM are doing in the world of storage.  For example, I am pretty passionate about data protection.  Having worked for Veritas, ESG (covering data protection), Connected Corporation (sold to Iron Mountain), Avamar (sold to EMC) and EMC’s backup, recover and

Designing Storage Architectures at FedScoop 2013

An interview about designing new storage architectures I did while at FedScoop this year in Washington, DC.

Flash is Really about Economics

Kudos to IBM!  For the first time since I can remember, they have come out, loud and proud about storage technology and capabilities that truly do trump anyone else in the industry.  And they didn’t just brag about the fact they have better technology.  They made it abundantly clear that this announcement is about providing

"Big Enough" Data

  Say the word “infrastructure” at Strata conference and you hear people start talking mostly about software.  One of the biggest lessons I learned at the conference was that no one really cares about the hardware that “big data” sits on.  Now, I am probably the biggest proponent of the fact that “spinning rust” doesn’t

The Storage Alchemist from Strata 2013

The Storage Alchemist talks about his findings from Strata 2013.  Interesting that there wasn’t much talk about infrastructure and infrastructure and data management are going to play a key role in the success and viability of Big Data.  Also, the latest talk on the town around Big Data is Data Warfare – how do I

Big Data Catches a Killer

One of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds.  I think most people that are like me, like those sorts of crime shows.  However, I like Criminal Minds, and being in the data business, I like how Penelope Garcia has access to a TON of data that helps her help her team to solve crimes.  (And

Deduplication for Flash / SSD & Tiering

  As a part of being a storage evangelist, I spend a lot of time educating sales as well as customers on the merits of our capabilities and technologies.  Every since IBM acquired TMS I have been hearing from our sales reps that it can be difficult to compete as others in the industry have

The Hellabyte & the Storage Efficiency Evangelist

What had started out as a joke to a bunch of Californians has turned into “The Official Petition to Establish Hella as the SI Prefix for 10^27″.  Today we have the Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte and Yottabyte.  Most would think that this would be enough to last us for a while, but

Big Data is OUT, Real-time Data is IN

Okay, the time has come to retire “Big Data”.  There was a great post in TechCrunch at the begining of the year, talking about “Why We Need to Kill Big Data”, as well as a good   tweet by Dr. Wells Martin about Big Data.  First, the industry is ready for something new and “Big